Abount Wadi Talauli in Ponda, Goa

Wadi is located on Juvari River. In February, it is lush green with hillocks, palm trees, fields, mangroves plantation and smiling people.

Next to Wadi are a few Hindu dominated villages with plenty of beautiful temples

About Ponda

Ponda is administrative, educational, market and hotel place. There are no residential facilities in Wadi Talauli. Marathoners have to stay in Ponda which is 5 km away from Wadi. Buses are arranged to take marathoners to Wadi and bring them back. Hotel Menino is the head office of the Goa Marathon where breakfast, lunch, dinner will be served. The residential capacity is limited. Other hotels where marathoners can stay are Hotel Menino, SunGrace, Atish, SunInn, Padmawati, etc.

The church in Ponda

The market place

The bus stop

The statue of Dada Vaidya

The main Almieda Highschool in Ponda