Can I reach directly at the venue of the marathon on my own?
Ans: Of course yes! But try to reach by 5.45 am so that you can collect your bib and be prepared for your warm up after a warm cup of tea.

How do we reach Ponda?
Ans: The nearest Railway station is in Margao which is 18 km away from Ponda. There is plenty of ground transport available right at the station or in the Margao market which is just less than half a km away. From the airport it takes about 45 minuted to Ponda. One has to hire a taxi at the airport to come to Ponda. There are plenty of flights throughout the day coming from various parts of India like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad etc. and of course overseas. Not many outstation buses come to Ponda. They either stop at Panaji which is 29 km from Ponda or in Margao which is 18 kms.

Can we come by car to Ponda?
Ans:Many runners from nearby places like Mumbai Pune, Belgaon, Kolhapur, Konkan etc come by car to Ponda. The drive is pleasant and depending on the conditions on the road, many cars from Mumbai cover a distance of 530 km to reach Panaji within 8 hours.

What is the possibility of getting a room in Hotel if we reach unbooked?
Ans:Ponda is not commercially a very active place and one should not have any difficulty in getting a room in one of the hotels in Ponda.

If we miss the official bus, how can we reach Wadi from Ponda?
Ans:It takes 15 minuted from Ponda to reach Wadi. The buses will be coming again to pick up the remaining runners. It may be difficult to get a public transport so early in the morning but the Hotel manager when well informed in advance can arrange a taxi for him.

Suppose I have not registered online, how do I register?
Ans:You can present yourself at the bib collection counter and register yourself but you may be forced to run without a bib.