From the beginning Dr. Ramani has been interested in Academics and basic research.

During his medical career as undergraduate and post graduate student he had published a couple of papers and had presented papers in conferences.

Even his mandatory thesis for post graduate studies he had preferred to do prospective study of a group of patients where he was involved personally in the surgical procedure.

At the Uni. Of Newcastle upon Tyne he did basic research and published several papers and presented them in conferences. That is how he was recipient of the research prize of the year.

During his career he developed Neuro Spinal Surgery in India. He invented several surgical techniques with world wide recognition for PLIF surgical technique and devised newer instrumentation which has been cited in the World Neurosurgery web site and worked as Prof and Head of the Dept of Neuro and Spinal Surgery at L.T.M.G.Hospital in Mumbai.

Has published scores of papers in peer reviewed journals.

Has mastermindedly globalised his techniques and teachings by holding several International Conferences in India bringing in experts in the world and participating in innumerable International meetings.

Has delivered several academic orations throughout the globe particularly in America, Russia, Japan, England, Korea, Indonesia and throughout India.

Has delivered the prestigious Dr. Ginde Oration at the Neurological Society of India annual conference.

He has established two academic societies in India 1: Neuro Trauma Society of India and 2: Neurospinal Surgeons Association of India.

Has published 17 Text Books in Medicines of which three text books have been published for World Federation of Neurosugical Societies Spine Committee.

He was elected and re-elected Chairman of the World Spine Committee.

Has been advisor to Young Neurosurgeonís Forum of Japan at the Fujita Health Uni. in Nagoya.

He founded and has been its Editor in Chief for four years of the Journal of Spinal Surgery in India. Very recently he has appointed a new Editor in Chief.

Has been Founder and President of Neurotrauma Society of India and Founder, President and Honorary President of the Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association of India.

Has been Examiner for post graduate degree at the Uni. of Mumbai, other Universities in India and the National Board.

Preacher of good mental and physical health

Dr. Ramani since his young days believed in good exercise to keep muscles toned and joints lubricated. He believed and practiced reading god books to keep mind healthy. He played foot ball, did cycling and swimming besides other smaller activities like playing badminton and table tennis. Once in a while he played chess to give challenging practice to the brain. It worked. His health remained good and mind was always very active and sharp.

As a young neurosurgeon while working at Sion Hospital at the height of activity his blood sugar was found to be higher never crossing 200 mark, He took serious message from it and disciplined his activities. He has now forgotten that he might develop diabetes. No other illness. Has strong 32 teeth. Weight is constant at 67 Kg and the signs of aging are not easily seen on his face. There are no wrinkles. He could achieve this because he kept discipline in life.

He gets up early in the morning and does Meditation and Pranayams. Then there is serious exercise activity for more than one hour. Now jogging is his passion and he jogs regularly or go to the gymnasium.

A good healthy breakfast consisting of milk, egg white and fruits. The strenuous operating session follows. He is not interested in lunch. A small bite like two chapattis, small amount of vegetables but plenty of raw vegetables and fruits.

There is no afternoon nap for him.

An hour or so work in the office and 4 pm the clinic starts which goes up to 10 pm and he reaches home at 10.30 pm to eat plenty of salads, some rice and curry with fish, less of lean meat and no red meat.

He drinks plenty of water, at least 2 litres per day of which 500 mls he drinks on getting up in the morning and 500 mls during exercise session. He drinks very little only on social occasions.

For him 11pm to 4 am i.e. five hours sleep and no afternoon rest is enough for him. However late he might sleep he has to get up before 5 am in the morning.

The weekends are mostly spent traveling round the world giving lectures, orations, workshops etc. He never forgets to carry his jogging shoes with him.

He gives lectures on how to live happily in old age.