Commitment to Society (Dnyaneshwar of Spinal Surgery)

Holding free camps for the last 28 years to fulfill his obligation to the society. Free medicines were distributed in these camps during the first 15 years.

Chairman Goa Hindu Association Medical division for several years

Chairman of our Pramukh Swami for 10 years

Participates in the activities of the temple as advisor

Has been nominated to the Hospital Committee of Saibaba Hospital Shirdi

Has worked on several social committees

Spinal surgery is of recent recognition. Obviously there have been mishaps and unpleasant memories associated with any new technique and with beginners.

There is significant amount of unpleasant feeling spread in the society regarding spinal surgery and particularly back surgery.

It was necessary to use a grass root approach and reach the lowest person in the society and explain to him in very simple terms about spinal ailments and modalities available to get better.

Exactly, 28 years back camps were started twice a year in Goa to examine patients and people and give them knowledge about the ailment.

The camps are still continuing in full force but once in a year. This has develop tremendously to do away with several misunderstandings and particularly to convey the impressions that backache today can be successfully cured.

In all 13 programmes were held on Doordarshan touching various aspects of backache spondylosis, slipped disc, good posture etc. The latest programme was held on Zee TV in October 1998.

In cooperation with Medical Associations, Ladies Associations and local non medical organizations lectures are held in several parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and Gujarat specially meant for general public giving them awareness regarding backache and its management.

That is how he is called by them "Dyaneshwar of Spinal Surgery". He takes Spinal Surgery to the common man in the society.

Has written several books to orient public in these problems. Most books have run in three and four editions. The book "Take care of your back" so far one-lakh fifty thousand copies have been printed.

Exhibitions on these issues were held 3 times.