Journal of Spinal Surgery

There was no journal of spinal surgery in India. Need was felt by every one to have a journal and Dr. Ramani was committed to develop Neuro Spinal Surgery in India.

Among other things he also decided to develop journal of spinal surgery in India. Four years ago he started Journal of Spinal Surgery in India in a big way with international collaboration. Review articles, original papers, operative techniques, free papers, etc started flowing in from all over the world sometimes making it difficult to contain all the material that was received It was quarterly and soon it became acclaimed and listed in several bodies on the net.

As editor in Chief he worked for four years to bring out the journal regularly, make it available on the net and distribute hard copies to all NSSA members and other doctors and libraries in India. The last issue is dedicated to 75 years celebrations of Dr. Ramani and with that he has handed over the editorship to his worthy student Dr.J.K.B.C.Parthiban who is working as Senior Neurosurgeon in Coimbatore, South India. There is no doubt that Dr Parthiban will bring out the issues regularly and add newer changes required to make the journal reputed.

The last issue is reproduced here and other issues (all the issues that Dr. Ramani had brought out) will be available for referring through this link

If one adopts student like attitude there is great pleasure in learning more from the journals and updating one’s knowledge.