1: Workshops These are held in Mumbai every year with the help of overseas faculty. Lectures and live operative shows are held to orient the doctors in latest advances in spinal surgery.


2: OrationsAn Oration is held every year at the National Neurotrauma society of India conferences specially to promote the cause of Neurotrauma to the spine. Several overseas and Indian experts have so far given orations covering various clinical and research topics in Neurotrauma.

3: A Surgeon of Goan Origin educated either in Goa or Outside is offered scholarship every year to come to Mumbai and receive spinal surgery training with Dr.P.S.Ramani. For more details please contact President of the Foundation Dr.P.V.K.Ghanekar, Shantiniketan, Ponda Goa 403 401 or Dr.V.B.Dhaimodkar-Secretary at Vidhya Diagnostics,Dhavalimal, Ponda Goa 403 401.

Essay Competition for College Students on Health Awareness

4: Essay Competition for College Students on Health AwarenessThis programme is conducted every year with tremendous enthusiasm in terms of response. Three prizes are given at a function in Ponda Goa. At times extra consolation prizes are given when the script is found to be extremely good.

Essay Competition for College Students on Health Awareness

5: CampsCamps are held every year in Goa. People from Goa and neighbouring places attend the camp.The majority of patients have spinal problems. All patients are personally examined by Dr.P.S.Ramani. Along with appropriate advice the message of safety and effectiveness of Spinal Surgery in provided to the patients. Conducted for the last 28 years, this activity has proved extremely useful and has helped to achieve the goal of communication with the masses.

6: Publications: Books, pamphlets and papers are published as and when necessary to educate the patients and society in General regarding Spinal Surgery. Books on Backpain and Pain in the Neck have become very successful. A book on frequently asked questions by the patients is in progress. Also in progress in a paper to be printed on Industrial backpain.

Lectures and Workshops

7: Lectures and Workshops Lectures and Workshops including live operative programmes are conducted by Dr P S Ramani all over India to teach interested doctors in the advanced techniques in spinal Surgery. For more details contact Dr Ramani at

8: Proposed Plans are being worked out to introduce Travelling Fellowship for the Spinal Surgeon so that he can learn spinal surgery at various centers in the country.