The Emergence of Spinal Surgery

Spinal Surgery as a specialty is of recent recognition. The foundation stone was laid in 1934 and it took another 20 years for its emergence. To start with Orthopedic, General and Neurosurgeons did surgery on the spine. By 7th decade the surgery was mainly done by Orthopedic and Neurosurgeons. The speciality spinal surgery is still in the process of evolution. Rapid advances in biomechanical understanding, medical technology, surgical concepts and efforts round the world to promote the speciality has taken it to dizzy heights in the millennium.

Spinal Surgery is lacking in the trail of rich past experience which can be followed. Trust in the newer ideas has to be empirical. Generally most doctors and patients are conservative in their attitude and fear visionary innovations and newer ideas. The speciality has become target of reservations. If one is committed to progress, then tireless work and trust in newer ideas is essential. It is generally accepted that larger the risk, higher is the intellectual devotion and commitment to the cause.

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