Trauma Causing Burst Factor At Dorso Lumbar Region

Pedicle screws & plates along with titanium spacer used to reconstruct dl spine

Iliac crest graft & plate used anteriorly

The injury commonly involves L1 segment. In India the injury is caused by accidental falls. Young people specially males are commonly affected. The techniques used to stabilize spine have not been satisfactory. After a period of trial and error spread over a period of 16 years, Dr. Ramani has evolved a technique of combined anterior and posterior short segment stabilization of Dorso Lumbar spine with or without neurological deficit. The technique involves a short segment posterior stabilization by bridge principle using pedicle screws and plates followed by anterior decompression and stabilization with iliac crest graft and metallic plates or titanium spacers filled with cancellous chips in a neutralization principle. The construct fuses well, achieves good stability, prevents kyphosis as well as occurrence of late neurological deficit and assists in a better way the rehabilitation programme.